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Earl Silas Tupper, the inventor of Tupperware, came up with the idea when he needed storage containers for the internal organs of the cadavers he was dissecting in his laboratory. -- Unknown 6/11/2012

The amount of radiation generated between two phones for one hour is enough to boil an egg. -- Unknown 5/24/2012

Apple Computer has already created up to version 10 of the Iphone internally, each having slightly more features than the previous version. They plan to release them over a period of 3 years so they can sell individuals a new phone over and over. -- Unknown 5/24/2012

A secret password used at airline booking counters enables programmers to automatically upgrade their seats to Business Class. -- skiddoo 5/24/2012

You can make an inexpensive substitute for a catalytic converter by stuffing buttered popcorn into the exhaust pipe. Studies have shown this to be more effective than traditional catalytic converters for short journeys, because of the time it takes for the catalyst to warm up to optimum efficiency. -- Jouster 5/22/2012

The @ symbol was chosen for use in email addresses when a cat walked across a keyboard being used by V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai the inventor of email. -- pantsonfire 5/22/2012

Up to 70% of the total processing power of the average home PC is taken up in operating the cooling fan. -- pantsonfire 5/22/2012


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