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Studies have shown food cooked by a person with a mustache can be perceived to taste better than that of a baby-faced cook. -- Jouster 9/2/2013

In space, carrots grow to 1.6 times their normal earth lengths, but grow in a corkscrew shape. -- Unknown 6/24/2012

A spoonful of laundry detergent is an excellent, low-fat substitute for sugar in a cup of coffee which also helps prevent caffeine stains on your teeth. -- Unknown 5/28/2012

90% of the world's cheese is produced in Brazil. -- skiddoo 5/24/2012

Last week French scientists implored their countrymen to stop eating snails after discovering that snails have a greater intelligence than dolphins and may in fact originate from outer space. -- PrettyGirl 5/22/2012

Nutmeg is distilled from the soybean product Nutrela -- PrettyGirl 5/22/2012

There is more caffeine in a regular tomato than the average cup of coffee. -- PrettyGirl 7/11/2006


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